2021 Chick Days – Reserve Your Chicks

It’s time to pre-order your baby chicks at Old Mill Country Store in Ellensburg and Yakima. Click your store below to see our 2021 chick schedules. You’ll find the types of chicks we’ve order and the dates they are due in the store. Call or visit your local store; Ellensburg: (509) 925-5397 or Yakima: (509) 225-2495 to reserve your chicks.

Chicks arrive weekly starting in March 2021 through mid-May (Ellensburg) and early June 2021 (Yakima). Note that expected dates can change! The delivery from the hatchery can be delayed, or the hatch may be lower than normal. Reserve your chicks and we’ll contact you when they arrive.

Our chick orders include a combination of female chicks (pullets) and straight runs which means you could get a male or female chick. 

Are you set up for a successful chicken coop? We carry all the chicken supplies you need to raise a healthy flock like chick feeders, chick waterers, heat lamps, starter feeds, and more!

2021 Ellensburg Chick Schedule

2021 Yakima Chick Schedule 

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