Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Pet Food brand logoBLUE Buffalo dog foods and BLUE cat foods contain the finest natural ingredients, providing wholesome nutrition for our four-legged family members. Plus, only BLUE includes LifeSource Bits®, a precise blend of nutrients and antioxidants.

Why Choose BLUE™
Because only BLUE is made with the unique combination of high-quality, natural ingredients plus exclusive LifeSource Bits®.
We love our dogs and cats like family so we want to feed them with the same care as family. That’s why BLUE™ is made with only the finest natural ingredients plus the active nutrients and antioxidants of our exclusive, cold-formed LifeSource Bits®.

Plus, BLUE Buffalo uses only the finest natural ingredients and:

NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals
NO artificial flavors, or preservatives
NO corn, wheat or soy, as they have been linked to allergic reactions in some pets

The Finest Natural Ingredients for Superior Nutrition
All of our great-tasting, natural and holistic BLUE dog food and BLUE cat food recipes:

Always start with REAL MEAT
Always include garden vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruit

Compare Dog Food & Cat Food
Take the True BLUE Test and see how the ingredients in your dog or cat food brand compare to the ones in BLUE.