RangeLand® Calf Creep

RangeLand® Calf Creep

RangeLand® Calf Creep is supplement designed for suckling beef calves. It supplements the cow’s milk to improve the growth rate of calves with good genetic potential. It is offered with 14% or 16% protein and multiple medicated options.

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Features: Benefits
14% or 16% all-natural protein depending on the product option: Use the 14% protein option with average to high quality forage, and the 16% protein option with poor to average to high quality forage to optimize lean gain on calves.
Balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio, added salt, trace minerals and vitamins: Provides essential nutrients for support of a healthy immune system. Fortified with vitamins and minerals to maximize lean gain in young growing cattle.
Helps fill the “hungry calf gap.” This gap is created as the cow’s milk production and forage quality typically decline later in the season and the calf nutrient requirements increase.: Fortified with vitamins and minerals to maximize lean gain in young growing cattle. Creep feeding can provide an additional 56-86 pounds of weight gain.


Feeding Directions Description:
Feed free choice to pre-weaned calves in creep feeders along with unlimited quantities of forage. Feed intake will vary depending on the size and age of the calf and forage quality. Optimum intake is 4 to 6 pounds per head daily. If hand-fed offer 1% of body weight daily.  It is not a complete feed. Maximum intake is 8.25 lb. per head per day. Always provide adequate amounts of forage and fresh, clean water. When using a creep feeder, adjust the feeder slide gate to control feed accumulations at the trough. Troughs should be well protected and managed to prevent accumulation of fines, wet or moldy feed.
Store in dry, well ventilated area protected from rodents and insects.  Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness or death.

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