Wind and Rain Mineral Tubs

Wind and Rain Mineral Tubs. New clear view tub.

Wind and Rain Mineral Tubs are Beef cattle minerals in a cooked molasses tub. They are designed to correct the mineral deficiencies of the available forage in a highly palatable, weather-resistant form.

This line of minerals is designed for cow/calf and seedstock operators that need a free-choice mineral supplement to assure that their cattle are getting the proper levels and ratios of all of the 14 essential minerals cattle need for health, growth and reproduction.

Wind and Rain Mineral Tubs provides these benefits in cooked molasses formulas and packaged in a non-returnable plastic tub.  This gives the producer a mineral that is the ultimate in weather resistance, palatability and consistent consumption, all in its own mineral feeder.

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Features: Benefits
Balanced mineral nutrition: Wind and Rain® minerals contain the proper balance and ratios of all 14 essential cattle minerals.  Matching the correct product for the cattleman’s available forage assures cattle receive the mineral nutrition they need for health, growth and reproduction.
Consistent Consumption: Research tested and field proven, Wind and Rain® minerals are formulated with high quality, coarse textured ingredients that helps assure proper palatability.  That means cattle will consume what they need, when they need it.
Convenience and Safety: Wind and Rain® Mineral Tubs conveniently come in their own mineral feeder, a non-returnable plastic tub. Since they are non-returnable, there is no risk from the spread of disease from one farm/ranch to another.
Provides optimum levels of trace minerals at a 4 to 8 ounce consumption rate: Supports fertility, immune function, and overall health.
Weather Resistant: Wind and Rain® Mineral Tubs offer the ultimate in weather resistance.  Packaged primarily in the 225 pound size, it is not affected by wind or rain.
Diamond V®: Better palatability helps maintain consistent feed intake. Better feed digestibility helps make more nutrients available to the animal for absorption, performance, health and production.
Availa® 4: Availa® 4 aides in the improvement of reproductive performance for 1st and 2nd calf cows versus inorganic trace mineral sources. In addition Availa® 4 aids the immune system of stressed cattle by rapidly replacing diminished trace mineral stores.


Feeding Directions Description:

1.  Feed one tub per 25-30 head of cattle to ensure adequate intake.
2. Place tubs within 100 feet of where animals congregate (loafing, grazing, feeding and watering areas).
3. Feed tubs continuously along with plentiful sources of forage and fresh, clean water.
4. Cattle will consume approximately 1/4 to 1/2 pound of this supplement per head daily.

This tub provides a free-choice mineral delivery system that reduces producer costs associated with labor and equipment.  This mineral supplement has the flexibility to provide partial to complete supplementation of minerals and vitamins, based upon animal requirements.  This is achieved through proper management of tub intake which will range from 1/4 to 1/2 lb./head/day.

Do not feed to sheep or allow sheep to have access to this product.  This product contains high levels of supplemental copper.

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