Purina Honor Show Chow Poultry Starter

Purina Honor Show Chow Poultry Starter. Poultry feed bag.New Purina Honor Show Chow Poultry Starter is a nutritionally complete, balanced ration for broilers. It is ideal for 15 through 22 days of age and turkeys from 9 through 12 weeks of age. This 26% protein diet is designed to continue the development of chickens and turkeys. As a result, it helps them to their full genetic potential.

Honor Show Chow Poultry Starter can be preceded by Honor Show Chow Poultry Prestarter and Poultry Grower, and followed by Honor Show Chow Poultry Finisher to prepare birds for show.

Honor Show Chow Poultry Grower is supported by Purina’s knowledge, experience and research.



Amino Acid Balance Gets birds off to a good start and quickly grows them into show condition Allows proper growth and development to produce good condition Helps develop excellent feathering.
Medicated (Amprolium) Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis No withdrawal time required
Nutritionally Complete Feed Provides all the essential nutrients to develop Broilers from hatch through 14 days of age Poults from hatch through 8 weeks of age Develops strong bones - allows birds to achieve their full genetic potential
Product Form -Crumble Particle size easy for young birds to eat Prevents sorting - assures consistent nutrient intake Reduces feed wastage



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