Sup-R-Lix® Liquid Supplements

Sup-R-Lix® Liquid SupplementsSup-R-Lix® Liquid Supplements are balanced liquid supplements for beef cattle on pasture with Intake Modifying Technology to manage consumption. A range of products with different levels of modifiers are available to match pasture management, animal condition and manager goals.

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Features: Benefits
Contains 5% fat: Increases level of readily available energy in ration to improve gains and feed efficiency.
Contains protein, vitamins and minerals: Furnishes all nutrients necessary to balance deficiencies in range cattle diets.
Intake Modifying Technology® causes cattle to consume multiple small snacks daily of the supplement, which optimizes the flow of nutrients to the digestive system, thereby increasing forage intake, overall utilization and cattle performance.: Convenience – Peace of Mind
Molasses-fat blend: Improves ration condition and palatability. Easy to store and handle in bulk


Feeding Directions Description:
PURINA SUP-R-LIX Supplement is scientifically formulated with highly soluble nitrogen sources which are readily digested. It should only be fed in limited amounts, therefore, follow the practices listed below:
1. Cattle should be fed free-choice from a lick wheel or similar type of feeder that will limit intake. The feeder must be designed so that cattle cannot remove the cover, upset the contents or otherwise be able to over-consume this product.
2. Recommended consumption of this product is 1 to 5 pounds per head per day for cows consuming
good quality forage in order to build body condition. The maximum recommended intake of this
product is 6 lb.
3. Consumption of this product will vary according to forage quality and age and weight of the animal.Poorer quality forage will increase intake of this product, while better quality forage will decrease its intake. Likewise, limited quantities of forage will increase intake of this product, while unlimited quantities of forage tend to decrease its intake.
4. Provide adequate amounts of forage to meet cattle intake requirements. Forage should not be moldy or spoiled. During periods of extreme shortages of forage, it is recommended that hay or silage also be fed.
5. Observe cattle closely for the first 8 days to be sure that daily intake requirement is not exceeded and that SUP-R-LIX Supplement is not over-consumed. If consumption of SUP-R-LIX Supplement is higher than desired, switch to another PURINA SUP-R-LIX liquid feed supplement with more modifiers.
6. Cattle must have consumed other dry feed prior to being fed SUP-R-LIX Supplement for the first time.
7. Do not provide starved cattle free access to SUP-R-LIX Supplement.
8. Do not feed SUP-R-LIX Supplement in conjunction with other urea (NPN) containing feed, liquid or dry.
9. Do not feed SUP-R LIX Supplement in fields where crops are grown that are know to contain high levels of urease enzyme (such as soybeans).
10. SUP-R-LIX Supplement must not be intermixed with other liquid supplement sources.
11. Non-approved or illegal additives are not to be added.
12. If feeder tank runs dry and is refilled, observe cattle for three days to prevent overconsumption.
13. Feed tanks should be kept clean and free from contamination of all kinds before refilling.
14. Provide a Purina mineral and salt free-choice.
15. Provide an unlimited supply of clean, fresh water near the feeding areas.

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